Milly Jacket Cream

Arriving 21st June
Our Milly cropped jacket is so dreamy beyond words and designed to compliment any wardrobe. Perfect for any outfit this super soft cutie can be worn casually during the day to evening glamour, its even ideal for our gorgeous brides to stay glamorously warm on their winter wedding day.
Small - 96cm chest - 40cm length
Medium - 100cm chest - 40cm length
Large - 104cm chest - 40cm length
XLarge - 108cm chest - 40cm length 
 By-product Feather
Hook and eye Fastening, Satin Lining
Due to the natural nature of this product please keep in mind that colours may slightly differ from images supplied.
A slight loss of feather when new is normal.
A vigorous shake outside is suggested to free any loose feather fibres.  Loss of feather will settle and eventually stop after a few wears.  This loss of feather is simply due to the production process and will not impact the fluff and fullness of the actual garment.